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Republic F-105 "Thunderchief"

First flown in 1955, the continuance of the Republic "Thunder"series of attack aircraft, the F-105 "Thunderchief" was a high speed aircraft with advanced avionics and nuclear capability. The U.S. Air Force operated its first squadron of F-105B's by late 1959. Operated by a single pilot, the "Thunderchief" was a large, long range, all weather fighter-bomber. Powered by a single Pratt&Whitney turbojet engine developing 26,500 lbs of thrust at full afterburner with water injection. Maximum air speed was 1,400 mph, an alttitue of 52,000 feet, a range of 2,600 miles and a maximum payload of 14,000 lbs of conventional or nuclear weapons. It's advanced avionics systems were essential during its early combat roles in the Vietnam War. The Republic F105F and G models had communication and fire control jamming equipment, "RHAW" Radar Homing And missile-launch Warning systems and doppler radar navigation systems. Its combat record is a sizeable amount of sorties in close combat support to ground troops and as B-52 bomber-fighter escort on missions over North Vietnam. It was retired in 1970 for Air National Guard usage.



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