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Stinson L-5 / O-62 "Sentinel"


The Stinson L-5 "Sentinel" was a light weight, fixed wing aircraft, often utilized as an airborne emergency ambulance or observation vehicle by the U.S. Army and Navy during WWII. The original civil Stinson "Voyager" in 1941 attracted attention for its light weight. A empty L-5 weighted only 1,500 lbs, include a pilot and one other passenger and still land and take-off on makeshift airstrips encountered in the Pacific island battles. Powered by a single (6) cylinder, 185 hp engine, a maximum air speed of 130 mph and a range of 420 miles. There was no armament, except what small arms a pilot could carry, such as a Colt .45 pistol or M-1, .30 carbine.

Modifications to the L-5 included a hinged rear access door to assist stretcher placement, reconnaissance camera, a revised 24 volt electrical system, and radio communication equipment. The RAF of Britain used 100 of them through the Lend-Lease Act designated as OY-2 "Sentinel Mk I" In addition, they were used extensively by the Marines during WWII and in Korea where they assumed forward artillery spotting duty.



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