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Bell 209 "Huey Cobra"

The Bell model 209 "Huey Cobra" was developed in 1965 in response to the early United States involvement in Vietnam when the Bell model 204 "Huey" proved more vulnerable as a combat escort aircraft. In response the "Cobra" design was superbly maneuverable, armored and heavily armed. Utilizing the Huey's basic engine and airframe design it was redesigned with a slimmer fuselage and placed the pilot and navigator in a tandem fighter aircraft style cockpit. The cockpit as well as critical engine components were armored paneled. Small stub wings allowed the mounting of rocket pods and held (19) 2.5 rockets or (8) TOW missiles. Beneath the front nose is a turret that holds either (2) .30 caliber mini-guns, 40mm grenade launchers or 20mm cannons.
Powered by a turbine engine its maximum air speed is 200 mph, with a range of 300 miles. As the "Huey Cobra" developed its role as an assault helicopter, improvement in its avionics gave it all weather and night flying capabilities. Later versions had exhaust suppression reducing its vulnerability to infra-red heating seeking surface to air missiles.


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