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Boeing CH-47 "Chinook"

While the Boeing was CH-46 "Sea Knight" was developed for cargo and troop transport operation, the U.S. Army needed yet a larger and more powerful type of helicopter for battlefield operations. The Boeing CH-47 "Chinook" basically was derived from the CH-46 but, had a larger fuselage carrying 40 troops, 4,000 lbs of internal cargo or 16,000 lbs on a external sling. First flown in September of 1961, the CH-47 is powered by (2) 3,750 hp turbine engines having a maximum air speed of 175 mph and a operating range of 120 miles.
The U.S Army utilized the "Chinook" with a very reliable success during the Vietnam War in troop transport, airlifting bulky cargo to remote firebases, for refugee or medical evacuation and for recovering disabled aircraft and helicopters. In addition, several were armored plated and armed with either a 40mm grenade launcher, a 20mm cannon, a .30 caliber machine gun in its nose and rocket pods located on both sides, each pod loaded with (19) 2.75 rockets. They also had provision for (5) .30 caliber or .50 caliber machine gun placements and saw limited utilization during the Vietnam War.


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