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Space and Land Exploration



In 1929, exploration of Antarctica, began with Admiral Richard E. Byrd establishing "Little America." Other expeditions followed in 1933, 1940 and with operation "High Jump" in 1947. In its time, Antarctica was the last remote frontier with unknown resources and valve for scientific experiments at the earth's most southern pole. Hardship, risk and courage was for all personnel involved in this frigid temperature and all ice environment.
In 1933, Frank Giroux was called out from Navy retirement to be Chief Machinist's Mate on the "Jacob Ruppert", flagship to Adminral Richard E. Byrd's Antarctic Expedition II from 1933-1934.
In 1946, seaman 1st Class Sam Westcott from Williamstown, was selected to be part of the crew on the U.S.S. Canisteo (AO 99), a Navy Tanker supplying fuel to Antarctica Expedition IV "High Jump." Task Force 68, consisting of the USS Northwind, Merrick, Yancey, Mt.Olympus, Canisteo, `and Sennet. sailed to New Zealand and then "Little America" located near the Bay of Whales. Operation "High Jump" was the largest expedition of its time mapping and surveying the unknown region. The camp was established next to the Bay of Whales on the east Ross Ice Shelf. Photographs were aquired through Naval Photograph Mates during the operation.

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