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McDonnell-Douglas F-18 "Hornet"

The McDonnell-Douglas F-18 "Hornet" developed in 1974, was an aircraft carrier based, light weight, versatile and cost efficient attack-fighter for the U.S. Navy. While inexpensive compared to the Grumman F-14 "Tom Cat" its role served to compliment the the F-14, while replacing the aging McDonnell Douglas F-4 "Phantom" fighter. Powered by (2) general electric turbofan jet engines, each delivering 16,000 lbs of thrust enabled the "Hornet" to have a maximum air speed of 1280 mph and a range of 650 miles. Armament was a 20mm, mini-gun cannon with a payload capacity of 17,000 lbs of fuel pods, AIM air to air, air to surface or anti-ship missiles and conventional, guided or cluster bombs. Avionics are computer driven navigational, fire-control and flight instrumentation. Various Electronic Counter Measures ECM pods could be mounted customizing its role for specific missions requirements.




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