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McDonnell F-101 "Voodoo"

The McDonnell F-101 "Voodoo" was an all-weather interceptor intended for the U.S.Air Force, Strategic Air Command SAC as a long-range escort to the B-52 inter-continental bomber. Piloted by a crew consisting of a pilot and navigator, it was powered by (2) Pratt & Whitney turbo-jets each providing 16,000 lbs of thrust, a maximum air speed of 1,200 mph (MACH 1.8) and a range of 1,500 miles. The sacrifice of fuel capacity for weight reduction to achieve speed and maneuverability, limited its range of operations to less then its intended inter-continental escort purpose. Armed with (2) "Genie" missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, (6) "Falcon" or (4) "AIM" missiles, it was well suited for the Cold War deterrence arsenal. Approximately 400 "VooDoo's" were manufactured. After the 1950's, the "VooDoo" was utilized in reconaissance roles (including sorties over North Vietnam) until replaced by the McDonnell F-4 "Phantom."





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